The “Artist Statement”

Being a Positive person, I have faith in the Goodness in our World. I see Beauty in most places and situations. I see details that entice me and that trigger my Imagination. I find Peace and refuge in Nature. I find great Enjoyment in the Creative process, and also shelter from the harsher moments in Life. It seems my imagination is limitless, only kept in check by the confines of my Confidence in myself.

Some time ago I worked on a visual journal page prompted by my coach and dear friend Linda Hough. The prompt was “Your Artist Statement”. Daunting to say the least. I managed to get down some of my thoughts and feelings on a page, but then it was ” for my eyes only”. This time I need to express myself in a coherent way to you dear visitor, in the hope of conveying my thoughts on my own art-work. This is the edited version of that page;

“When I finally understood that my creative process was hindered only by me, looking towards the finished result, and the eventual appreciation of a public, I felt free. That feeling of freedom helped opening up my creative flow.The way I had gone about being creative had been more of a search for acknowledgement and praise, than the pleasure of just being in tune with myself and my imagination. Now, my meditative state, the flow I enjoy while working, is a truly joyous one. That flow, I’ve found, is all  I need for  channeling my creativity, and at the same time bringing me peace of mind. A peace of mind I hope you experience when looking at my work. My art is for me, but I gladly share it if that which I experience can touch the beholder as it touches me. Welcome to my world.”