My tenth post will be short and sweet, and only deal with the current exhibition. It’s a small-ish one, and in collaboration with Linda Hough. You’ll find her part of the show on her own site, and I’ll deal with my contribution here. I’m still seduced by Nature, and all she has to offer. This is the statement I wrote for the exhibition;

Without Nature,

I am nothing.

She anchors me in that which is


The gifts she bestows on us are all


I value, and try to use them wisely,

mindfully, and


FAUX TRIBE” is my tribe,

and also a try at showing my aim

for an ecological mindset concerning

my art.

To use again that which is discarded.

To select only that which Nature gives willingly.

To gather up the thrown-away objects Nature has no use for.

To aim for zero waste while creating and producing my art.”

While doing my best, I hope to inspire.


Now for the picture part!

“Secrets” Two prints on vintage Japanese paper mounted on acid-free watercolor-paper with a thin black frame.





“Dialogue with nature” Three prints on vintage paper, thin black frame and mat-board.







“Faux Tribe” Ornamental necklace
“Faux Tribe”, ecoprinted, embroidered wearable cotton top. Ornamental necklace with ecoprinted cotton, found feathers, cone-shells, and eucalyptus twigs on found wire.
“Faux Tribe”, detail of ecoprinted silk wall-hanging with seed-pods and cocoon.

For those of you living in my area; the exhibition takes place in Rue Henri Isnard, in Vence. Just a skip to the left from the cinema across from the back entrance of Monoprix. Kat & Max have a friendly, ecologically oriented food and coffee-shop well worth a visit with or without our exhibition. My apologies for the random placement of pictures. WordPress and I seem incompatible tonight.