Being an artist was never something I aimed for, or even contemplated. In my world artist were “special” people, unattainable beings that created wonderful things for us “ordinary” souls to go oh! and ah! over. My mother was “artistic”, a kind of “almost-but-not-quite artist” I suppose, who was skilled in most things concerning drawing, wood-carving, ceramics, painting and so on. Growing up in the shadow of such competent perfection didn’t really lay the foundation for any..                                                                                                                                                 No, let’s not do this! As interesting as it might be, where I’m coming from, and all the rest, I really think that the here and now is so much more fascinating.

Our world is shrinking,  in a good way. We can collect knowledge and ideas from almost everywhere at once, make new friends and acquaintances  on-line and share whatever we want with whoever’s interested enough to click on their computer. Experiencing  the speed with which our reality is changing, I can hardly see the point anymore in harking back to my childhood or youth. Granted, I am what I am now, because of all that went before. Still, I’d rather look forward than back. It’s so much more exiting!

So, this my first post  will look to the near future, and deal mainly with my up-coming exhibition. For quite some time now, actually a couple of years, I’ve nurtured the idea of trying to share my love for the forest, and for trees. I’m lucky in that I grew up with regular walks in the forest, picnics, berry-picking, foraging for mushrooms, picking flowers. This together with fairy-tales beautifully depicted by artist such as John Bauer and Elsa Beskow, or later on reading the books by the amazing JRR Tolkien made me love the forest rather than fear it.               To me nature and all that she contains is a safe haven, a sanctuary where my soul can soar or be still depending on my mood. The quiet that isn’t so quiet after all, with rustling leaves, the sharp calling and singing of birds, the trees striving forever upwards… I truly feel at peace. Just as I do when I enter a church. I’m not a practicing Christian, or practicing anything else for that matter, but there is a still energy in any place of worship that gives me the same peaceful feeling I find in nature. This is what I’ll try to convey with my photo-art exhibition that will actually be hanging in the very brand new chapel of the Swedish Church on the Riviera. I’m so honored to have the opportunity to hang my work there instead of a gallery. There will even be a “theme sermon” based on my pictures. I’m one lucky woman!